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An Orphan’s Christmas:

The Story of George and Mary Muller

 “It was an excellent drama, the way it related to believers and non- believers. It had humor interspersed with an impacting message. Well done!”   Evangelical Free Church, Taber, AB

“People were saying how they enjoyed it and it touched their heart. We also enjoyed how we learned about the life of a hero of the faith. We appreciated the humor and the message.” Abundant Life, Edmonton, AB

“A good message about ministering to the poor which fit with our emphasis on outreach this Christmas.”      Church of the Rock, Calgary, AB


The Story of George and Mary Muller

LENGTH: 50 minutes

(Performed since 2011)

Based on the true story of George and Mary Muller who taught a nation to pray and trust in a faithful God. 

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.” Matthew 7:7&8

We all need reminders that the Lord wants us to pray. There is nothing too big or too small for the Lord to care about. Often, we try solving things ourselves instead of giving Him the opportunity to provide an answer. Or, we’re too impatient to wait for the answer.

My drama, AN ORPHAN’S CHRISTMAS, reminds audiences the importance of bringing our needs before the Lord. It also illuminates the fact that God uses people to provide answers to prayer. As people pray, He moves on the heart of someone else to meet that need. That someone else might just be us! 

What better time then the Christmas Season to remind people of this!
In the 1800′s orphans posed a real problem on the streets of Bristol, England. With no one to care for them their only options for survival were the workhouses, factories or the streets where they begged, stole or worse.
At the same time many Christians were struggling with their trust in a God who provides. Poverty was something many feared.
A German pastor, George Muller (1805-1898) and his English wife, Mary, felt directed by God to start an orphan house. It was unusual for its time for it was both free and sustained solely by prayer and trust in God. They felt that God wanted to use the orphan house to encourage their church to trust God for their every need and the needs of others. The results went far beyond George Muller’s expectations.

Within four years the caring of orphans went from one house on Wilson Street, with 30 girls, to four, with a total of 120 boys and girls. When that got to be too much and the neighbors started complaining, they began praying for land and the means to build a home that would care for 300 orphans!
They found the perfect place, Ashley Down, on the outskirts of Bristol. All the money to complete the project was prayed for and God provided all that was needed. 
It is here our drama begins. It’s been forty years since the first home on Wilson Street was opened. The Muller Orphan Homes have grown to five homes, providing both physical and spiritual care for over 2,000 orphans at once.
Non-Christians are baffled. Where is the money coming from? The Muller’s secret is in earnestly seeking the Lord for their needs and letting Him work on the hearts of Christians. The orphans have never missed a meal!
According to the Muller Organization, “All of the orphans who attended the homes were given a good education and set up for leaving the homes when they came of age. Boys were released around age 14 to become apprentices. The girls stayed until age 17, helping with the younger children and then being released into service (jobs).” Every child was instructed in the ways of the Lord, taught to pray and left with a few changes of clothes, some money and their own Bible.

In his lifetime (Muller died at age 92) over 10,000 orphans came to stay at the Muller Orphan Homes. He would record 50,000 answers to prayer and see 3,000 children commit their lives to Christ. No one knows how many would make that decisions in the years after leaving the homes. 


“If I, a poor man, simply by prayer and faith obtained, without asking any individual, the finances for establishing and carrying on an orphan house, this might strengthen the faith of the children of God. It would also be a testimony to the unconverted of the reality of the things of God.”  George Muller


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(Thanks goes to The George Muller Museum for helping with the research of what life would be like for my character, Cady Murphy, as she serves in one of the orphan homes. As well as George Muller’s autobiography and Basil Miller’s book on George Muller.)