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Grow in your faith, gifts and purpose, ON PURPOSE, while running the race

God has marked out for you

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.”

-HEBREWS 12:1-


Want to grow more in your faith, gifts and purpose, but…


Learn from faithful Christ-followers from history and how they overcame setbacks, obstacles and even detours to run their own unique race and become ‘mentors of the faith’.

They learned to shake off the things holding them back, grow in their faith, use their gifts and live purposefully. 

Have you wanted do a skit or play at church or school, but…


Let me introduce you to skills that every actor knows and uses.  Skills I use in every performance. You will see that learning them is as easy as making a cake (from a cake mix, of course). Who hasn’t done that?

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Are you planning a church or ministry event, but…


Invite me to your church service, event, outreach, camp,  conference or school chapel so I can encourage, challenge and inspire your group by bringing to life the story of a faithful Christ-follower, right out of history. You will be blessed!

Find out what’s involved in inviting me with my…

I’m Deanna Storfie

 My passion is to use my gifts to encourage others to grow in their faith, gifts and purpose – ON PURPOSE!

I am a writer, actor and faith encourager. For over 35 years I have been acting up for the Lord wherever people want to watch a good faith-filled story that connects them to our rich Christian history. I use my gifts to help audiences understand the goodness of God and the transforming power of the Gospel through stories of faithful Christ-followers from history.

I’ve used my gift for drama in churches, schools, camps, retreats and as a Sunday School teacher. For fifteen years I volunteered in my local public rural elementary school, introducing the Bible, through drama, to kids who willingly attended weekly Bible Time classes. And, for fifteen years I’ve volunteered at my local correctional center, sharing my one-person dramas with women inmates. In 2006 I started Acting Up! Drama.

I know what it is to overcome self-doubt, failures, lack of faith and countless obstacles in order to pursue my God-given purpose.

I’ve learned from the examples of  faithful Christ-followers who faced their own failures and setbacks, much worse than my own, but persevered in running the race marked out for them. Not because they were super determined, but because they depended on a Savior who ‘would never leave or forsake them’. A Savior who would, instead, empower and equip them to do what He’d purposed them to do.

They learned what they needed to. Grew where they needed to. And trusted God even when it seemed too difficult to move forward, and YOU CAN TOO!

 Here’s my STATEMENT OF FAITH in case you’re interested!


Do you ever feel stuck in some area of your Christian walk? Perhaps it’s trusting in God and His goodness during a challenging time. Or, with prayer or Bible reading and study. It might be knowing what your purpose is, or even if you have a purpose! What about your gifts? Are you developing and using them?

When we struggle in ANY of these areas it’s easy to lose focus on eternal things and get bogged down by our shortcomings, bad habits and sin. Instead of running our race, we get stuck!

Why not learn from those who’ve already run their race and received their prize? Discover how they overcame obstacles, setbacks and even failures to run the race marked out for them; all the while growing in their faith, gifts and purpose, ON PURPOSE.


Photo by Vicky Sim on Unsplash

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      Learn about some faithful Christ-followers who ran their race, overcame obstacles, but persevered to the end. Click on the Images to Find Out More About Each One.

Performing Parables

“For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, so that we would walk in them.”

– EPHESIANS 2:10 –

“Captivating!” “An amazing experience!” “Very relevant.” “You did a wonderful job showing us who she was.” “A delight!” “It really blessed us!” “You brought us right back to the cross.” “Our young people were completely engaged.”

Comments from Richmond Hill Baptist Church, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Do you have an EVENT or CHURCH SERVICE you are planning? Are you looking for something DIFFERENT that will engage your group, both spiritually and visually?

Each drama has been thoroughly researched to hold true to what was going on in history and the mark that person made for the Lord at the time. The dramas have a variety of themes. Are you wanting a message on serving others, surrender, forgiveness, the power of prayer or God’s grace? Or, perhaps you have a favorite person you want your group to be introduced to; a person whose story has encouraged you.

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Perhaps you’ve wanted to use your dramatic gifts in your church, ministry or youth group, school or even an outreach and you’re not sure you have the talent. 

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Learning to act is as easy as MAKING A CAKE! Get my FREE guide the 10 basic skills every actor knows, uses and is always developing. I compare them to the simple ingredients and tools involved in making a cake (from a cake mix!). Who hasn’t made a cake before? FIND OUT WHAT THEY ARE!


I’ve been sharing my dramas about Christian ‘heroes of the faith’ since 2006, with over a hundred different churches and their ministries, from a variety of denominations.

I appreciate the people that I have met within the body of Christ; many quickly feel like family. They might be the people who host me in their homes, the ministry leaders who work tirelessly in their communities or the people who are encouraged by the stories.

I know that as I research and share the lives of these heroes of the faith, I have been challenged in my own walk with God, right along with my audiences.

As a result, for fifteen years, I have been volunteering at my local correctional center. With a small group of Christian women from different churches, we have been using our gifts and abilities to introduce women inmates to the goodness and love of God. We have been blessed to see many come to faith through the years.

More about me and my family

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